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Becker Law is a New York-based boutique law practice, concentrating on recovery - servicing people and entities financially harmed by fraud or other wrongful misconduct. We undertake fraud investigation, due diligence, asset tracing, asset discovery and asset recovery in the United States and elsewhere. We act in the United States and in other jurisdictions, including several in the Caribbean and Europe, Australia, Canada, and selected countries in Africa.

We have longstanding associations with firms in the jurisdictions in which we act. Our lawyers advise, litigate, arbitrate, mediate and provide cost-effective and commercially-appropriate investigative, asset tracing and asset recovery solutions.

We work co-operatively with in-house and outside counsel, to deliver results as quickly as court, mediation and arbitral processes and logistics allow. In addition, we provide a quick-response, multidisciplinary service, involving surveillance, on-ground investigation, trash retrieval, litigation and arbitration support including document management and other forensic consulting services.

Becker Law is the independent New York division of the International Asset Recovery Group (www.iarg.com), a counsel joint venture with Horwood Marcus & Berk, Chartered (www.hmblaw.com) and is affiliated with Billiet & Co Lawyers of Brussels, Belgium (www.billiet-co.eu ).

Becker Law and Billiet & Co. of Brussels have formed the European Special Counsel Group dedicated to provide specialized investigative and advisory claim and judgement enforcement services.

All firms referenced here are independent and each is soley responsible for
its own work-product.

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